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ISER Caribe is committed to working directly with local communities through a transdisciplinary approach by conducting participatory research and engagement. This is achieved by integrating efforts between government institutions, academia, civil society, and community organizations. Our team studies the interactions and dialectic relations between the environment and humans in order to develop alternate ways of managing anthropogenic and natural systems. Through our collaborative projects we build consensus that allow us to develop participatory actions, capacity building and horizontal knowledge transfer through local outreach activities and education.


ISER Caribe promotes healthy and sustainable livelihoods, by endorsing a model that is economically viable and oriented towards the preservation of the environment and the empowerment of the local people. We will position ourselves as a research and educational organization based in Puerto Rico that engages with various communities and connects with spaces across the Caribbean. We expect that our work will aid in the transition from centralized governmental management into community-lead stewardship of natural resources within social ecological systems.



Braulio A. Quintero

Ph.D. , Environmental Science

Braulio has a doctoral degree in Environmental Science from the State University of New York. His dissertation research is focused on energy economics. At ISER Braulio has worked in multiple ecological restoration and green infrastructure development projects. He is currently working on establishing a Water and Climate Change Lab. In his spare time, Braulio loves to garden and surf. 


Stacey M. Williams

Ph.D., Biological Oceanography

Stacey M. Williams has a doctoral degree in Biological Oceanography from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. She is an expert in benthic ecology and has evaluated the coral reef conditions in 15 Caribbean countries. Stacey is leading the effort in coral reef restoration and has developed the first land-based coral and sea urchin nursery/hatchery in Puerto Rico at the Centro de Investigación y Restauración de Organismos Marinos (CIROM) en La Parguera and Ceiba. She has extensive experience culturing marine organisms in the laboratory. 


Ryan A. Mann-Hamilton

Ph.D. , Anthropology

Ryan Mann-Hamilton has a doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center. He is an Associate Professor in the Social Science Department at CUNY LaGuardia and teaches a variety of courses in Anthropology, Music, and Latin American and Caribbean studies. Ryan has extensive experience working on land and marine based conservation projects and supporting and participating in food sovereignty projects, and environmental justice activism in the context of the Americas.

Project Managers

Karina Olivieri, M.S. (Ceiba Urchin Nursery Manager).jpeg

Karina Olivieri, M.S.

Ceiba Urchin Nursery

Jorge Casillas, M.S. (Operational Manager for Ceiba Urchin Nursery).jpg

Jorge Casillas, M.S.

Ceiba Urchin Nursery

Manuel Olmeda, M.S (La Parguera Nursery Manager).jpg

Manuel Olmeda, M.S.

La Parguera Urchin Nursery

Lark Starkey, M.S. (Water Quality and Habitat Specialist).jpg

Lark Starkey, M.S.

Water Quality & 

Habitat Specialist

Francisco González (La Parguera Nursery Manager).jpeg

Francisco Gonzalez

La Parguera Coral Nursery

Nursery Technicians

Khrystall Ramos (Technician, Coral Nurseries).JPG

Khrystall Ramos

Noel Carrera (Technician, Coral nurseries).JPG

Noel Carrera

Hunter Howard (Technician, Tripneustes Larval Project).jpg

Hunter Howard

Pilar Gonzalez (Technician, Coral & Urchin nurseries) .jpeg

Pilar Gonzalez

Nicolle Lebron (Technician, Urchin Nursery).jpg

Nicolle Lebron

Leysa López (Technician, Coral & Urchin nurseries).HEIC

Leysa López 

Katie Flynn, M. S. (Technician, Coral & Urchin nurseries).png

Katie Flynn, M.S.

Catalina Morales, M.S. (Technician, Coral & Urchin nurseries.jpg

Catalina Morales, M.S.

Alejandro Gonzalez (Technician, Coral nurseries).jpeg

Alejandro Gonzalez


Brenda M. Soler Figueroa, Ph.D.

Elvia Melendez-Ackerman, Ph.D.

Sascha C.C. Steiner, Ph.D.

Issac Carter, Ph.D.

Mariangie Rosas

Nathan Hosannah, Ph.D.

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