The Institute has a transdisciplinary approach to conduct research on social ecological systems through engaging government institutions academia, civil society and community organizations. Our team will study the interactions and dialectic relationships between the environment and humans in order to develop an alternate ways of managing human and natural systems. Through our collaborative actions we will build consensus that will allow us to create well-informed stewardship plans, local outreach activities and educational program.

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The Institute for Socio-Ecological Research will position itself as a leading research, educational and outreach organization in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean. Our work will aid in the transition from centralized governmental management into community-lead stewardship of natural resources within social ecological systems. We will create and promote a healthier and sustainable way of life, by endorsing a model that is economically viable and oriented towards the preservation of the environment and the empowerment of the local people.

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Core Values

Transform collective livelihoods to forge hope for a better future ❖ Community centered vision and responsibility ❖ Cooperation beyond borders and disciplines ❖ Youth and local empowerment ❖ Environmental, social and economic equity ❖ Nonprofit integrity, transparency and accountability

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