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Diadema Restoration Project: Season 3

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Diadema Restoration Project: Story continues

We have officially started our third year collection! On May 29th, we installed the mooring lines and settlement plates at our shelf edge collection site, Old Buoy. We had a break in the weather and there was no current, which is always a plus. The mooring lines have been modified slightly, in order to enhance the efficiency of collection. Soon in the next couple of weeks we will be building a filter, which will help to reduce the influx of sediment. We will also be installing three new fiberglass tables, thanks to a fisherman and son, Willie T (s) in Puerto Real.  Stayed tuned!

We will be continuously updating this blog with the most recent events on the Diadema Restoration Project. For additional and related information follow us on Twitter and Instagram @isercaribe and our Facebook pages (click Like):  or  Diadema Restoration Project.

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