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A community based conservation campaign

The campaign integrates topics of parrotfish conservation into local cultural and educational activities. We have implemented this project across all of our countries that we operate. This is an on-going campaign designed to educate local communities about the importance of keeping parrotfish on the reef. Please feel free to download any of the materials that you find on this page.


Please check out our two PDF photo galleries of this project from the Dominican Republic.

No me de cotorra

Salvemos el Pez Loro

Liceo de Los Cacaos - No Me De Cotorra
Liceo de Samana - No Me De Cotorra

Marli the fabulous parrotfish

As part of our parrotfish conservation campaign we have created this children's coloring book in collaboration with two local artist from Puerto Rico. To get your own printable copy, please click the button below.

island school logo.png

Candice Brittain and the team at the Island School in Eleuthera, The Bahamas are implementing a very creative community-based parrotfish conservation campaign in collaboration with the Deep Creek Middle School. Please check out the children's book that we have created about the parrotfish. In addition, please check out the stories of the campaign implementation in The Bahamas.

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky


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