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We actively provide community outreach and support to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas.


We organized and implemented an extensive emergency relief campaign during the environmental and social hazards created by Hurricanes Irma and María and the earthquakes in the southwest of Puerto Rico. ISER Caribe distributed more than 3000 solar powered lamps and water filters. In addition, we also distributed more than 75,000 lbs of primary necessity articles.

ISER Caribe served as a fiscal sponsor to small community organizations that were created during the response to the emergencies after the hurricanes. ISER Caribe is currently fiscal sponsor to Las Bartoleñas, a women’s group in Bartolo, Lares, Puerto Rico.

La Playa Reverdece

La Playa Reverdece is a community-sponsored initiative from the Playa de Ponce focused on improving the livelihoods of the playeros by supporting the arts and culture. The Playa Reverdece advocates for responsible stewardship of the marine and coastal resources of Ponce and works towards developing a new sustainable urban development of the Ponce beach area. 

Borikén Florece

We artists come together to celebrate life and take action to raise Borikén: live art, workshops, community and collected donations for people in need after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

With the collaboration of Vueltabajo Colectivo, Comunidad de Bomba Mayagüez, Jamie Pérez, MayaWest Dance ProjectBreaking PointBallet EscenarioTaller KenuatiEl LoveshackCooperativa de Artes Culturales de Puerto Rico, Elaine Avilés Payasa, Arte del Junte Inc., and Brigada Solidaria del Oeste.

Garden Workshops

An initiative led by Braulio Quintero, who trained at the Proyecto Agroecológico El Josco Bravo in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, has impacted local restaurants and individuals alike. Braulio used the knowledge learned at El Josco Bravo and applied it to small community gardens and farms. He taught users how to develop different types of gardens such as: vertical gardens, tomato groves, and milpas (corn, beans, and pumpkin). He is planning to develop a 3 acre farm in Lajas Arriba, Puerto Rico.